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Shopping for Your Best Bong Buying your first bong? Exciting! It’s not just going to be a new experience for you. Compared to other smoking tools, bongs do offer a few nice advantages. Advantages of Using a Bong First of all, bongs can produce a cooler, milder and yet richer smoke as compared to any other smoking device. Users also claim that bongs give an intensified smoking experience, with the inhalation rips being bigger and faster from the smoke being condensed.
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Even as many users argue that bongs improve the herb’s potency, studies show that water filters out a greater amount of THC than other devices. Still, other studies have found that very little active chemicals in the hemp plant actually bind to water.
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Furthermore, Greek researchers discovered that the compounds that produce catatonia and suppress spontaneous motor activity are removed, possibly having an effect on the therapeutic impact of herbal medicines. There are even further implications from other studies that bongs remove more tar when compared to other smoking devices. The water confines heavier and water-soluble particles which harm the respiratory system, including immune system-attacking cytotoxins. This is a vital discovery for patients with AIDS/HIV and others with immunodeficiency disorders. What to Consider When Buying Your First Bong Many things go into finding the right bong for your smoking needs, and you have to be as informed as possible. Your Budget Prior to purchasing a bong, know how much you’re willing to spend for it. Be realistic and purchase something that suits your needs and budget. Seller’s Background Prior to buying from a headshop, know its background. Everyone has good and bad reviews, but be sensitive to the overall vibe. There are lots of great options out there. As well, make sure you’re reading from independent consumer websites and not marketing websites where reviews are often fake. There are lots of great options out there. Types of Bongs Glass – offers a cleaner and cooler hit and are convenient to maintain (you can clearly see if its needs to be cleaned!) Plastic – inexpensive yet sturdy Ceramic – decorative and lightweight Metal – ruggedly charming and is extremely long-wearing (metal won’t break!) Percolator – separates the smoke using individual pieces of glass for cooler and smoother hits Freezable – lets you remove and freeze that special internal part of the bong Others: bamboo, cased and multi-outlet. People who make the switch to bongs are typically happy with the general performance of this kind of smoking device. Bongs aren’t that expensive, but we all know it’s not just that. Before buying one, know what options you have in the market. Finally, if you’re looking to save some cash, buy your bong online where it’s often cheaper.